The Clinical Research Center

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CAREERS: We are looking for professionals who embrace challenges as opportunities and thrive in dynamic fast-paced environments. So whether you’re looking for an internship, entry-level, professional position, or a seasoned pro, you will have an opportunity to make a difference. Our employee experience is as important to us as the experience of our valued clients. 

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)The main function of the CRA is to monitor our clinical trials on behalf of our sponsors to ensure compliance with the clinical trial protocol, checks clinical site activities, makes on-site visits, reviews Case Report Forms (CRFs) and communicates with clinical research investigators.  

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)Responsible for conducting clinical trials using good clinical practice (GCP) under the auspices of the Principal Investigator (PI).  CRCs are often involved in essential duties such as conducting the informed consent process and ensuring compliance with the protocol.

Clinical Data Manager (CDM)Liaise with other data providers (e.g. a central laboratory processing blood samples collected) and ensures that such data is transmitted securely and is consistent with other data collected in the clinical trial.  At the completion of the clinical trial, the CDM ensures that all data expected to be captured has been accounted for and that all data management activities are complete.