The Clinical Research Center

 Your Resource Partner for Scientific & Technological Research since 1996

  • Cardiovascular

Experience across a broad range of indications.

  • Critical Care

We understand the unique nature of clinical studies in a critical care environment.

  • Dermatology

Experience with dermatology trials ranging from small Phase I studies involving healthy volunteers to large, global, multicenter Phase III trials.

  • Endocrine and Metabolics

Our endocrinology and metabolic clinical trial experience helps us to manage programs of any size and complexity around the world.

  • Gastroenterology

Many clinical development professionals with experience in gastroenterology protocols.

  • Hematology & Oncology

Extensive knowledge of hematology and oncology research.

  • Immunology

Extensive experience in a variety of immunology areas.

  • Infectious Diseases

Vast expertise in infectious diseases studies.

  • Neuroscience

Expertise in many psychiatric and neurological disorders.

  • Ophthalmology

Expertise in ophthalmic research and experience with therapeutic-specific ophthalmic vendors.

  • Rare Diseases

Our custom designed programs are designed to assist clients in addressing all aspects of rare diseases.

  • Respiratory

Experience in conducting Phase I-IV respiratory clinical trials, ranging from a single protocol to full development 

across a broad range of respiratory indications.

  • Urology

Extensive experience in planning and implementing Phase I-IV programs for urology studies.

  • Vaccine Development

CRC Research has worked in vaccine development for more than 15 years, offering full-service capabilities.